Books by Beatrice S. Fennimore

Selected Chapters

  • Fennimore, B.S. (2016). A social justice approach to families. In Couse, L.J. & Recchia, S.L. (Eds.). Handbook of Early Childhood Teacher Education (pp. 304-316). New York, NY: Routledge
  • Fennimore, B.S. (2013). Honoring women who must raise their children alone. In Pattniak, J. (Ed.). Father Involvement in Young Children's Lives (pp. 169-182). New York, NY: Springer.
  • Fennimore, B.S. (2011). Making ethical decisions within a diverse classroom. In Rieg, S. & Paquette, K. (Eds.). Striving for the ‘perfect’ classroom – Part II: Responsibilities beyond assessment and instruction. Hauppauge, NY: Nova.
  • Fennimore, B.S. (2007). Talk about children: Developing a living curriculum of advocacy and social justice. In Genishi, C. & Goodwin, A.L (Eds.). Diversities in early childhood education: Rethinking and doing (pp. 185-200)). London: Routledge.
  • Fennimore, B. S. (2001). Historical white resistance to equity in public education: A challenge to white teacher educators. In S. H. King & L. A. Castenell (Eds.), Racism and racial inequality: implications for teacher education. (pp. 43–50). Washington, DC: American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.

Selected Articles

  • Fennimore, Beatrice S. (2017). Permission not required: The power of parents to disrupt educational hypocrisy. Review of Research in Education(41), 159-181. DOI: 10.3102/0091732X16687974
  • Fennimore, B. (2016). Say that the river turns: social justice intentions in progressive public school classrooms. Bank Street Occasional Paper Series 35. Retrieved from:
  • Fennimore, B.S. (2014). Social justice and the work of Celia Genishi: the power of one-on-one. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Education 15(2), 200-209.
  • Fennimore, B.S. (2008). Teachers who tell the truth. (Guest editorial). Early Childhood Education Journal, 32(3), 3-5
  • Fennimore, B.S. (2007). Know where you stand and stand there: Every day advocacy for children of diversity. Childhood  Education, 83(5), 294-298.
  • Fennimore, B.S. (2007). Sunday Forum: More than 50 years of failure. Pittsburgh Post Gazette Sunday June 22, 2007
  • Fennimore, B.S. (2005). Brown and the failure of civic responsibility. Teachers College Record Brown plus 50, 107:9, 1904-1932.
  • Fennimore, B. S. (2001). The power of your words. [Guest column] School Administrator, 58(7), 43.
  • Fennimore, B. S. (1997). When mediation and equity are at odds: Potential lessons in democracy. Theory into Practice, 36(1), 59-64.
  • Fennimore, B. S. (1996). Equity is not an option in public education. Educational Leadership54(2), 53-55.
  • Fennimore, B. S. (1994). Responding to prejudiced comments: A four-step method that works. Childhood Education, 70(4), 202-204.
  • Fennimore, B. S. (1992). You know David - That kid who died. Childhood Education, 68(3), 45-46
  • Fennimore, B.S. (1985). Letter to the Editor New York Times Magazine.

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